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We are hiring!

To apply for a job with Neskin Games, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: jobs@neskin.games

Lead Game Designer


  • Guide the Game design department;

  • Collaboration with developers and company partners;

  • Actively mentoring and expanding your team;

  • Formation of a vision for improving the project;

  • Development of game events and social mechanics;

  • Presentation, defence and testing of your ideas and hypotheses;

  • Work with statistics and analytics, player reviews;

  • Improving balance, economy and monetisation;

  • Analysis of competitors products.


  • At least 3 years of experience as a senior/lead game designer or producer;

  • Availability of successful released mobile games;

  • Experience in developing and supporting casual games;

  • Expert level of knowledge of the f2p market and it’s past and current trends;

  • Understanding the shades of implementing the EverMerge metagame;

  • Creating game mechanics and features: supervise and provide clear and structured documents to the project, that clarifies the game design and gameplay;

  • Strong presentation skills, the ability to clearly present your thoughts and formulate them orally and in writing;

  • Experience in setting up balance, economy and monetisation;

  • Working with project analytics and feedback from players,
    (analysing and understanding how changes will affect the main metrics and behaviour of players);

  • Upper-Intermediate English or higher (all documentation and communication with our partners are conducted in English).


  • Experience working on complex merge-3, match-3, farms or city-builders;

  • You have a good understanding of the casual (female) audience, it's current state and trends;

  • A passion for creating amazing casual games and experiences;

  • Sound knowledge in construction of mathematical models, deep knowledge of Probability theory;

  • Experience in international working communication;

  • Unity experience;

  • Expert-level knowledge of Google Smartsheet.

Game Designer


  • Creating game mechanics and features, describing their structure;

  • Development of game events and social mechanics;

  • Presentation, defence and testing of your ideas and hypotheses

  • Improving balance, economy, and monetisation;

  • Participating in the formation of a vision for improving the project;

  • Collaboration with developers and company partners;

  • Work with statistics, analytics and player reviews.


  • At least 3 years of game design experience;

  • Availability of released mobile games;

  • Experience working on casual games;

  • Knowledge of the f2p games market and current trends;

  • Create detailed and easy to follow design documentation (concepts, design documents);

  • Strong presentation skills and the ability to present that information to audiences;

  • Experience economic modelling and balance skills;

  • Intermediate English or higher (all documentation and communication with our partners are conducted in English).


  • Experience supporting casual games;

  • Experience in writing technical documentation ready for implementation;

  • Deep knowledge of the monetising f2p games;

  • Experience working with project analytics and feedback from players;

  • Sound knowledge with Photoshop or analogs;

  • UX/UI experience;

  • Unity experience.

Unity Developer


  • Implement new and existing systems to meet the intent of the game’s design;

  • Plan and design code in collaboration with team members;

  • Develop and maintain gameplay features for large top tier game;

  • Design and construction of the application’s architecture basics;

  • Optimisation of the application’s performance;

  • Identifying and fixing code errors and game bottlenecks;

  • Close work with game designers and artists;

  • Engineering and development of the mobile game on Unity.


  • 2+ years game industry development programming experience with Unity 3D;

  • Experience with mobile gaming industry;

  • Strong programming background and C# knowledge;

  • Experience with 2D development;

  • Experience in design patterns;

  • Excellent attention to detail;

  • Effective communication skills;

  • Experience in casual games development.


  • Experience profiling and optimising both CPU and GPU utilisation;

  • Development experience on mobile platforms (iOS/Android/etc); 

  • Experience with AssetBundles / Addressable.

2D Artist


  • Create a wide range of original 2D artwork as well as isometric concepts for fairytale characters, decoration and environment;

  • Create UI/UX;

  • Create animation and VFX;

  • Work with developers on asset implementation in the Unity environment;

  • Maintaining the visual style of the game.

You are expected to have:

  • A portfolio that demonstrates years of successful experience in the gaming industry;

  • Willing to complete a test;

  • Strong artistic base: a sense of composition, shape, color, and lighting;

  • Experience in a casual style;

  • Proficiency in Photoshop;

  • Intermediate English or higher.


  • Experience with Unity, Illustrator, FX and animation;

  • Experience with UI/UX;

  • Passion for games.

QA Engineer


  • Full test cycle of game product;

  • Testing of game mechanics, visual and sound effects, gameplay etc.;

  • Manual testing, API testing, bug reporting;

  • Create and maintain test documentation;

  • Interact with developers, Product owners and other team members to deliver high quality product.

You are expected to have:

  • Basic knowledge of SQL;

  • Basic knowledge of mobile technologies, understanding of mobile testing;

  • Basic knowledge of working with ADB, Charles/Fiddler: be able to read, copy logs, compare responses;

  • Ability to express thoughts clearly, draw up cases and checklists;

  • Basic understanding and experience of test design techniques;

  • Intermediate English or higher.


  • At least 1 year of experience in game development;

  • Developed ingenuity and curiosity of the player;

  • A strong passion for developing and playing games.